Oral surgery

In polyclinic Morelato various oral surgical procedures are performed. In order to offer a complete and high quality service to our patients we cooperate with oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

The following surgical procedures are performed in the Polyclinic:

Alveotomy is a common surgical tooth extraction procedure, mostly involving wisdom tooth extraction. During the tooth extraction, a part of the bone in which the tooth is placed and which prevents its classic extraction is also removed.

Apicoectomy is a surgical procedure which involves the removal of the pathological process and a part of the tooth's root tip of an endodontically treated tooth. With the removal of the tooth's root tip a part of the root which couldn't have been filled with bioinert material and therefore caused the spread of the infection and the development of the pathological process is also removed. The aim of this procedure is to achieve a complete closure of the ending part of the root canal.

Frenulectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of a frenulum. The upper lip frenulum is mostly removed for the orthodontic reasons, while the tongue frenulum is removed for the functional reasons.

Cystectomy is a procedure of the removal of small jaw cysts.

Sinus-lift is a surgical procedure performed in the rear part of the upper jaw in case of the insufficient bone thickness for the placement of dental implants. The maxillary sinus mocous membrane is reached from the anterior part of the sinus bone wall. After the mocous membrane is slightly lifted, the membranes and an artificial bone are planted. The implants that run through the remaining part of the alveolar ridge vital bone and the restored part of the artificial bone are mostly placed in the course of this procedure.

The augmentation of the ridge is undertaken in case there is bone insufficiency for the placement of an implant in the lower jaw. It is mostly undertaken by autologous chin bone and lower jaw entrance wing transplantations.