Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics deals with the replacement of the missing teeth and the supporting tissues. As a branch of dentistry, dental prosthetics can be subdivided into mobile and fixed prosthetics, depending on the possibilities of the removal of appliances from the mouth.

Fixed prosthetic works are affixed to the teeth and cannot be removed from the mouth without being destroyed. Fixed prosthetic works require a detailed treatment plan, according to the distribution of the remaining teeth in the mouth and their periodontal condition. Once a decision has been made to construct a fixed prosthesis, the teeth selected as carriers are whetted. Teeth carriers are reduced in their size in order to make adequate space for the construction of the prosthesis in a dental laboratory. After impression taking, bite registration and the face-bow registration, an individual oral situation is reproduced in a dental laboratory where a fixed prosthesis is made. Once the prosthesis has been tried in the patient's mouth in the presence of a dentist and a dental technician, and after taking into account the patient's own opinion, a decision is made on whether or not further corrections are needed. After that, a fixed prosthetic work is definitively affixed in the mouth.

Removable prosthetic works can be removed from the mouth by the patient himself, which enables him to maintain his oral hygiene adequately. Once a treatment plan has been presented to the patient, the impression and the registrations are taken in order to transfer the patient's individual oral case to the dental laboratory, where a removable dental prosthesis is constructed. During the wax try-in the patient is being explained what a definitive work would look like. At this stage various corrections are possible. When a satisfactory solution has been achieved, a dental technician finalizes the removable prosthetic work which is, after the final try-in, handed to the patient.

Polyclinic Morelato has its own dental laboratory. Dental technicians are important members of our team. Removable prosthetic works and their repair are made at the patients' earliest convenience.

In addition to having our own new dental laboratory we are extremely proud about our successful long-standing collaboration with Katica Barberić Žužić's dental laboratory.